Sunday, August 8, 2010

Change of Scenery

I've been doing most of my runs around the neighborhood which fortunately has an abundance of trails, sidewalks, and parks so I'm able to get creative with routes and haven't found them to be too repetitive. But I decided this morning would be a fun day for a "field trip". So I came up with a plan to run to City Park and meet my family for breakfast at Le Peep's Parkside Cafe.

I enjoyed my run through the Park Hill neighborhood but came to appreciate the complete sidewalk network and curb ramps in Stapleton. It took me about 40 minutes to get to City Park and then I ran around the park for another 15 minutes before I met up with Aaron & Elias at the playground. City Park is probably my favorite place to run in Denver as I like the views of Downtown over the lake and enjoy seeing the progress of the construction for the zoo expansion.

After enjoying the park we headed over to Le Peep where Elias was very excited to see that Grandma & Grandpa were meeting us for breakfast. It was looking like today was going to be a perfect day with a great run, yummy breakfast, and a fun family outing at the zoo. But alas, as we were paying for breakfast I started to get another migraine. Given that this is the third one I've gotten in 3 weeks it seems that summer migraine season is in full swing.

My migraines remind me that there are many things in life that are beyond my control. But I sure wish I could figure out exactly what causes them and what I can do short of never going outside to prevent them in the summer. They have also provided some insight into why I think I enjoy the running so provides a feeling of control and accomplishment. I like studying my training schedule and looking back at how much I've accomplished and crossing the days off in anticipation of the race.

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