Saturday, May 15, 2010


Today I learned that since I started running on a consistent basis a little over a month ago, I have run the combined distance of a full marathon. I learned this from the Nike+ website which I use to keep track of my runs. When it became apparent that Crystal and I were really going to run a half marathon, Aaron surprised me and bought me the Nike+IPod sensor so I could keep track of my training.

An added bonus of selecting the Nikes is that the sensor fits inside the shoe, beneath the insole. (Before I got my Nikes I had to attach the sensor to the laces with a velcro case)

To use the Nike+ sensor I just select 'Begin Workout' on my IPod and select the music that I want to run to or no music if I'm running with Crystal. It is amazing that the time seems to go much faster when we are talking than when I'm running alone listening to music, but I have come to enjoy both. Then at the end of the workout I get a summary of the run similar to this one.

And then when I sync my IPod the workouts get sent to the NikeRunning website where I can view my run history, set goals, and even look for running routes. Plus I get the added bonus of achieving new "levels" like today I was promoted to the orange level based on my mileage (50 km) and every time I achieve a personal best distance I get an "inspirational message" from the likes of Lance Armstrong. Isn't Nike great ;)

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