Monday, May 3, 2010

Stroller Strides

If it weren't for Stroller Strides I never would have considered running a half marathon. I started going to Stroller Strides a little over a year ago when my little guy was 4 months old. I knew I needed to do something to get back in shape and lose some of the baby weight. However, Stroller Strides has become much more than just a place for a workout. Stroller Strides is a great network of moms and a source of motivation. Erin, the instructor, also has running groups and boot camps for moms who are training for races. I started going to the 6 am Monday morning boot camps when I went back to work full time since I couldn't attend as many Stroller Strides classes during the week. These ladies inspired me and the idea of running a half marathon seemed possible. Thanks Erin!

Stroller Strides was featured in the Denver Post today. Check out the article and video to learn more about 'Losing the baby fat - with the baby and other moms'. I was lucky enough to attend class the day that they were filming so I can be seen working out in the video.

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  1. Nice work Lacy. Running with the Bob. Look at you go!! I can't wait to keep myself updated on your journey! I know you can do it! <3 Trina