Saturday, July 17, 2010

Another Milestone

I have reached another milestone towards becoming a real runner. I ventured into the world of protein/energy bars. My runs have been getting longer so I have less time to get ready for work in the morning. As such I've determined that breakfast should be quick, nutritious, portable, and cheaper than stopping at Starbucks. I decided that a protein bar would fit all of these criteria so I picked up a Luna Bar while at Target . It took me a couple of weeks before I would try it but decided yesterday morning after my 7 mile run was as good a time as any.

So on my way to work I enjoyed my breakfast of Chocolate Milk and a Peanut Butter Cookie flavored Luna Bar. Side note, my Runner's World training journal suggested trying Chocolate Milk as a substitute for Gatorade after running so I didn't hesitate to follow up on that tip. While the Luna Bar didn't taste like any peanut butter cookie I've ever had, it wasn't terrible. Seems like a good solution to my breakfast conundrum as it keep me satisfied until lunch. I'm planning to try other flavors and perhaps the Chai Tea flavor will help me kick my morning Starbucks habit all together.

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