Thursday, July 29, 2010

Busy Week

Despite the lack of blog postings this has been a great week for my training! So I'll give a quick overview of the highlights.

  • Last Thursday I ran with one of my friends from bootcamp. Only fellow moms don't think twice about meeting for a run at 5:45 am. We ran 5 miles at a quick pace and it was great to have someone else to run with! Thanks Caren!
  • Saturday was definitely not a highlight of the week but affected my training schedule so worth mentioning. I had a great workout at bootcamp but around 9:30 am I realized that I was getting a migraine. So I spent all day Saturday sleeping :( A double bummer because I missed a weekend day with my family and running shoe shopping with Crystal. But it was a good reminder that since the sun is a trigger for my migraines I need to wear both a hat and sunglasses on bright mornings.
  • Ran 8 miles on Tuesday morning at a pace of 8'40" per mile. Last week's speed work paid off!
  • Returned back to RoadRunner sports after work on Tuesday to get my second pair of shoes. A second pair was recommended about a month before my race so I could get them broken in. I intended to get a second pair just like the first ones but Nike is constantly updating their shoes and has a new version of the shoe I bought. It seems that the only difference is the color. I was thrilled to see that the new version is BLUE!
  • I also bought a running visor to add to my hat collection. Just another reminder that being a mom makes me more like my own mom. Bonnie, your stylish visors inspired me :)
  • Elias woke up even earlier than usual on Wednesday so he got to ride along. I ran 4.5 miles but the stroller made it feel like at least 6. I'm hoping that training with the stroller and at altitude will pay off big time during the race.
  • Had another great 5 mile run with Caren this morning! Last week she recommended that I get the book Run Like a Mother. So I promptly ordered it from Amazon and can't hardly put it down since it arrived. Never thought I would be so excited about a running book but it has a lot of great advice and is very inspirational. Highly recommend this book to any moms that run or are considering running!

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