Thursday, June 10, 2010

Of Rain and GU

In my last post I wondered when I would feel like a real runner and I think I may have achieved that today.

First, Crystal talked to a co-worker who runs marathons and determined that we needed GU. Apparently this is some sort of energy gel that runners use to hydrate. We've been dragging on our last couple of runs together and have had trouble getting past the 35 minute mark. We think that this has been due to the HOT weather. It was quite a bit cooler when we started our run today but decided not to take any chances and gave the GU a shot as well. Crystal went to REI and stocked up on a large assortment of GU including a multitude of flavors in both gel and Chomps. We decided to try the Chomps as they resembled fruit snacks which I was more comfortable with than drinking gel. So we had a couple before starting the run and a couple halfway through. I think it seemed to help as we didn't get too tired and made it 45 minutes!

About 10 of these 45 minutes we were running through the rain and not just a little sprinkle. It was raining so much that our shoes got soggy but we decided the rain wouldn't prevent us from reaching our goal. Luckily, Elias was well covered with the Bob and slept through the rain. As I was running through the rain I thought "Wow, maybe I am a real runner!"


  1. I am a fan of both energy gels and energy chews - they are fantastic - esp. the ones with caffeine! I prefer the clif bloks but have tried the luna chews or moons or whatever they are called. Gels are fantastic but are harder to stomach in their gooey state.

  2. Running in the rain DEFINITELY makes you a real runner.