Saturday, June 5, 2010

Random Bloggings

One of the many reasons that I never took to running before was because I didn't think I could go for long runs without thinking about how tiring running is. I was always puzzled by what people think about when they are running. Surprisingly I have found that running actually clears my mind and I don't really think about too much. And I rarely find myself thinking 'Wow, I'm tired of running'. I either enjoy the conversation with Crystal or try to focus on my music.

So in an effort to answer my question about what people think about when they are running I've decided to blog about a few of the things that ran through my head on my run this morning:

  • Why do there seem to be more women out jogging, walking dogs, etc at 6:30 am than men?
  • Am I the only person who has Disney theme park music on their running IPod playlist?
  • I know Elias won't remember the trip to Disneyland or me running the 1/2 marathon but I hope that he will be excited to hear about how he (with a little help from Mickey) encouraged his mom.
  • At what point will I feel like I'm a part of the "runner's club" and not think wow that person is very motivated every time I see someone out running?
  • I'm sure glad we bought the Bob jogging stroller.

1 comment:

  1. No, you are not the only person who has a park music playlist on standby. As a matter of fact, when Sarah and I went to KC recently, we received a Disney theme parks music piano/vocal book as a gift from one of our friends. That may not be so profound were it not for the fact that we already owned the book. Haha!